The Department of Theatre Studies of the School of Fine Arts, of the University of the Peloponnese is located at the historical city of Nafplion, in Argolis. The Department offers BA and MA programs in Theatre focusing both on theory and on applied performance (drama studies, directing, scenography, choreography, anthropology of theatre, cinema, drama in education etc.).

The Department of Theatre Studies hosts numerous research projects and collaborates with a number of international academic institutes and research centers. European research projects such as CREARCH-Creative European ARCHives as Innovative Cultural Hubs (Creative Europe Cooperation Project, 2018-2021), ARGOS-Actes de Création et Dynamiques de Collaborations Croisées (Creative Europe Cooperation Project, 2018-2021) and ARCH-Archival Research & Cultural Heritage. The Theatre Archive of Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio (Aristeia II-2013-2015) concerning the processing of the archive and the building of a voluminous database of the internationally acclaimed theatrical company SRS, are under its auspices.

The Department of Theatre Studies is fully integrated in the life and society of the wider region of the Argolis prefecture, not only due to its geographical location, but also thanks to its connections to the cultural network of the area.