RHCL is a public archive that collects and preserves an extraordinary range of documents, images, and books relating to the history of the Limburg region. Our aim is to enable as many people as possible to not only passively, but also actively increase their knowledge of this past. RHCL manages 24 kilometers of archives, stored in the underground archive created in 1994. These are above all the archives of the state institutions in the province of Limburg, the archives of the province and those of the affiliated municipalities. In addition, RHCL manages a large number of private archives: church associations, associations, foundations, businesses and individuals. The oldest document of RHCL dates back to the year 960 (an act of the king Otto I). The region has also a long history of immigration, due to its location as a Euregional border area and its industrial past (brickworks, pottery industry, glass industry and coal mines). This past is reflected in the collection of the archive.