Audience development is becoming a necessary action to promote culture at the widest level and to reach out a bigger number of citizens, especially in under-represented groups. Being capable of building and diversifying audiences is a key aspect of success for a cultural operator. However, entities such as archives are still less open to renew and enlarge their audience, which still remain strongly limited to researchers, historians and so on. The CREARCH Project aims to fix this issue through the common work of consortium partners.

To achieve this goal the Fondazione Banco di Napoli involved the CREARCH staff in an entrainment and training activity about archives named “Notte dei Ricercatori”, staged in collaboration with Centro Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) and addressed at researchers and archival professionals. This first testing in giving a didactical and multidisciplinary approach to a visit dedicated to archival professionals and researchers has given good suggestions for the effective development of training in audience development course as it’s described by the Project.

In 2020 july, the Fondazione Banco di Napoli  has organized an online training course dedicated to a new "supply chain" for the world of archives.

New approaches and storytelling models to give new life and value to the professionals who, thanks to the archives, enhance and preserve the common European memory. A path in five encounters, between archivistics, management and multimedia. Limited number course, required registration, participation is free. A certificate of attendance will be issued. All speechs in image here.

Meantime the Historical Regional Center of Limburg has staged a training for archives staff to initiate storytelling projects for under-represented groups (non-public) among archives visitors. The activity focussed on identifying target audiences, locating them, getting in touch, inspiring them and give tools, support and advise to realise audience development projects.

As result of this activity. during 5 workshops, the RCHL developed and tested a training-tool that took the form of an extended PowerPoint-document. In this workshop participated archive CREARCH staff members form RHCL and 3 from other archives in the region: Rijckheyt Archives in Heerlen, De Domijnen Archives in Sittard and Sociaal Historisch Centrum Limburg.