In order to ensure the communication and dissemination of the results to international stakeholders, national and international organisations with interests in this field and decision-makers and guarantee the continuation/sustainability of the programme and transfer the results to new users in further countries, the CREARCH Project partners have carried out these activities:

The Fondazione Banco di Napoli has presented a report at "Attraverso i confini" (06-08/02/2019), a conference staged by Suororsola Benincasa University (Naples) and related to storytelling and archival approaches themes.

CREARCH Project staff from University of Peloponnese has participated in “Presentation of the EU-Creative Europe Projects CREARCH & ARGOS”, Meeting for the implementation of the "Creative Europe” Programme; (13.03.2019) and “The living archive. Recording contemporary artistic creation in the digital era”, Third Pan-Hellenic Conference on Digital Cultural Heritage-EuroMed 2019 ; (25-27.09.2019).

ICARUS Hrvatska has staged these lectures and presentation:

    • Lecture about creative archives activities and CREARCH project at Round table on Digital Humanistic organized by Faculty of Philosophy in Rijeka, 23 November 2018
    • Lecture about CREARCH at 5th Croatian ICARUS Days & ICARUS Convention #23 Interactive Archives: Digital Challenges & Collaborative Networks, Pula, 27-29 March 2019
    • Presentation of CREARCH at National history festival Kliofest 2019 in lecture "Digital archives and ICARUS activities”, Zagreb, 16 May 2019
    • Lecture about CREARCH at CREARCH seminar "Storytelling: Archival Practices and Perspectives", Ilok, 24-25 May 2019
    • Presentation of CREARCH at public program "Archives in digital environment and ICARUS activities", Arhiv Vojvodine, Novi Sad, 5 July2019
    • Presentation of CREARCH at Creative Synergies Event, Varaždin, 29 August 2019
    • Lecture about CREARCH at CREARCH seminar “Archives and Publishing - Resources, Heritage, Audiences", Gospić, 4-5 October 2019