In order to design a proper Audience Development Plan a transnational approach will be followed by CREARCH Project staff. The audience development will cover transversally common goals and target in all the partner countries. Attention will be given to new tools to engage audience, such as crowd-sourcing and online platform: CREARCH Project trust in the power of digitalization and online sharing of common values. The project believes that gathering online the potential audience and collecting knowledge and ideas could have positive benefits in the creation of a better engagement for new audiences.

To design a common and shared base of tools and knowledge the Fondazione Banco di Napoli has participated at Transkribus User Conference in Wien (09/11/2018) in order to scout the opportunities of new Handwritten Text Recognition technology and use it in the context of Audience Development Plan. This activity was carried out in collaboration and in contact with ICARUS Hrvatska and represents one of the possible transactional channels for the described activity. ICARUS Hrvatska has contributed to the organization of organization of READ and Transkribus workshop at Zagreb University, 18 October 2018.

ICARUS Hrvatska has prepared two workshops for proffesional staff related to public activities of archives and heritage institutions  - exhibitions, educational activities, publishing, lectures, popularization, presentations organised in cooperation with local archives and museums. Firs one “Storyteling: Archival Practices and Perspectives” was held in the City museum in Ilok in May, while other "Archives and Publishing - Resources, Heritage, Audience” was held in the State Archives in Gospić in October. This two-days seminars gathered 40 participants from archives, libraries, museums, cultural and scientific institutions and faculties with goal to collect and exchange materials and good practices for audience development, as well as to consider traditional activities, creative, innovation opportunities, and potentials of archival institutions and collections, analyse successful solutions, and develop and reflect on new programs and trends.

Online CREARCH "Audience development" education organised by ICARUS HR at

CREARCH leaflet on Croatia: Regarding International archival week/day ICARUS HR organised webinar "Archives and knowledge society" on 10th June that because of huge interest will be follow up with new seminar dedicated to implementation of OCR
technology in archives - see at

Following CREARCH "Audience development" online education program participants made two project as results of their training:

-  Virtual exibition "Plivaju i praše - naprijed naše" at Archival center Korčula-Lastovo;

-  In 2020 Korčula's swimming club (KPK – Korčulanski plivački klub) is celebrating its 90th anniversary. Its waterpolo team is definitly one of the most recognizable motives of Korčula, thanks to their many victories and tradition but what else can KPK offer to the world of sports? This timeline presentation wants to show who else is hiding behind the many waterpolo players: female swimmers, coaches and judges, who train and work for the club as hard as their male collegues, but somehow get left behind. All these women are part of the club's rich history and this short presentation is dedicated to them.

1) Stories from archives in mobile form

In the framework of CREARCH project activities ICARUS Hrvatska in 2019 started with „Stories from archives“ program, that is collecting archival records documenting interesting themes, witnessing hidden histories and unique stories. This virtual collection comprising archival stories from various archives and heritage institutions is available at:

 and now you can find our stories at SpaceTime Layer mobile app platform. Find it at:

 and find our story about Trg bana Josipa Jelacica.

and it planed as the various public and creative activities and multimedia interpretations.

2) CREARCH at Creative Treasury 2020 symposium at Osijek, 20-24 October  

Creative Treasury (Kreativna riznica) is a national symposium dedicated to the creative industry which is held once a year at the Faculty of Economics in Osijek in cooperation with a number of public institutions. CRAERCH project will be presented in the program by ICARUS Hrvatska with two events - Trainning handook "Audience development" and live exibition "Stories from archives". See more at:

Exhibition Stories from archives / Priče iz arhiva will be open on Wednesday, 21.10. at 17,30, while Audience decelopment handbook will be presented on Thursday, 22..10. at 14,00 . You can see it at live transmission wia Youtube and Facebook of Kreativna riznica at:

The CREARCH staff of University of Peloponnese, scouting of the value of music archives as place of engagement for the archives’ non-public, has visited to the Greek Music Archive at the premises of the Athens Concert Hall (21.09.2018). Meeting with the staff in charge. Scheduling of mutual activities.